LendingClub Securitization Program

Many types of investors—from individual investors to financial advisors, institutions, banks and others—turn to LendingClub to add consumer credit to their portfolios. To provide institutional investors another way of accessing an attractive asset class, LendingClub sponsors securitization transactions backed by loans facilitated through the LendingClub platform. This page includes securitization deal summaries and monthly reports.

For more information about the LendingClub securitization program or LendingClub's loan programs overall, please contact the LendingClub Capital Markets Team at

CLUB 2017-NP1

Closing date: June 22

Transaction summary

Class Size ($) Rating WAL (yr) Coupon (%)
A 162,415,650 A- 0.42 2.39%
B 41,235,062 BBB 1.18 3.17%
C 75,737,868 BB 1.82 5.13%
Total 279,388,580 0.88 4.01%
Class A
Size ($) 162,415,650
Rating A-
WAL (yr) 0.42
Coupon (%) 2.39%
Class B
Size ($) 41,235,062
Rating BBB
WAL (yr) 1.18
Coupon (%) 3.17%
Class C
Size ($) 75,737,868
Rating BB
WAL (yr) 1.82
Coupon (%) 5.13%
Total 279,388,580
WAL Total 0.88
Coupon Total 4.01%

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