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Amount Requested
Loan Purpose Major purchase
Loan Grade A3
Interest Rate 8.00%
Loan Length 3 years (36 payments)
Monthly Payment $125.35 / month
Funding Received $0 (0.00% funded)
Investors 85 people funded this loan
Note issued on n/a
Note Status Removed
Loan Submitted on 3/5/09 4:17 PM

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Loan Description

I want to purchase a 2003 Kawasaki Concours from my roommate's boss.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is your primary source of income? Do you own/lease any other vehicles?
A: (03/06/2009-11:24) - I have a full time job as a mechanic. I am currently financing a 2008 Honda Civic that I drive daily.

Q: Will the motorcycle be a gift or will your roommate's boss be paying you back?
A: (03/06/2009-11:26) - The motorcycle will be for myself to ride. The current owner is my roommate's boss. I will be buying it from him.

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