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We're not a bank. Instead, we connect borrowers with investors through our online marketplace. Loans* offered through LendingClub are made possible by investors, who invest in exchange for solid returns.

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Our mission is to transform the banking system to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding.

Since 2007, we've helped over 1.5 million people achieve greater financial wellness, and that number is growing. As the trailblazer in peer-to-peer lending, we've evolved into America's largest online marketplace that allows borrowers to apply for personal loans, auto refinancing, business loans, and elective medical procedures. Through our marketplace, we've given investors access to solid returns, low volatility, and monthly cash flow.*

Headquartered in San Francisco, we operate fully online without any branch locations, which allows us to keep operating costs low and focus more resources on our customers. We are transforming the banking system into a frictionless, transparent, and highly efficient digital experience, and we're here for you.