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Amount Requested
Loan Purpose Debt consolidation
Loan Grade D3
Interest Rate 15.31%
Loan Length 3 years (36 payments)
Monthly Payment $696.31 / month
Funding Received $20,000 (100.00% funded)
Investors 219 people funded this loan
Note issued on 12/8/09 12:45 AM
Note Status Fully Paid
Loan Submitted on 11/30/09 11:15 AM

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Questions & Answers

Q: Questions: 1-Position @ GoldmanSachs is? 2-House and auto payments per month are $? 3-Credit Report reflects $11K revolving balance; CC payments per month $? (Total payments paid per month; not minimum payments due per month.) 4-Revolving credit balance is $11K, you are requestitg $25K loan. What is additional $14K intended for? Thanks in advance for all answers. I invest after receiving your answers.
A: (12/01/2009-08:23) - 1-Position @ GoldmanSachs is Associate. 2-Rent and auto payments per month are combined $1300. 3-Total CC/debt payments paid per month are approximately $1200 to $1400. Currently carry a balance with 7 different institutions (see answer to question #4 below) I typically send around $200 to each to fulfill monthly payments. 4-Revolving credit balance is $11K, you are requestitg $25K loan. What is additional $14K intended for? The loan will be used to consolidate the following outstanding balances totaling over $22K: -Student Loan $4,664 -CC1 balance $6000 -CC2 balance $300 -CC3 balance $2500 -Checking credit line balance $3000* -401KLoan $3500* -Tax pmt $2500* *Note- the last three items might not be reflected on the credit report. Thanks for your inquiry. Pls let me know if you have additional questions.

Q: Could you please explain the Delinquency in the last month or so? Thanks.
A: (12/01/2009-14:40) - I recently opened a credit account with a retail store and my first statement got lost in the mail which caused me to miss the due date for the first payment.

Q: I am investing in your $25,000 DC loan. FYI- Many small investors combine together to fund Lending Club P2P borrower loans. Borrowers either active, or retired w/pension, in academia, federal-state-municipal civil service, banking related, corrections, health care, law enforcement, U S military stable income ensures loan fully repaid in timely manner. Note that funding pace quickens after LC Home Office (CA) verifies borrower job-$ income. Employment/Income Verification Team contacts borrower and specifies required document (Pay Stub, SSA Annual Earnings Statement, IRS W-2-1099-1040 Tax Return). Be patient; smaller $ amount loans 100 percent fund fastest- typically w/in 5 to 10 days. $15,000-$20,000-$25,000 loans 100 percent fund slowest- typically w/in 10-14 days. Largest $ value loan's final 20-25 percent often funds w/in last 2 days listed for lender consideration. Semper Fidelis (USMC Motto). RetiredUSMCInvestor sends.
A: (12/02/2009-11:09) - Thank you!

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