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Amount Requested
Loan Purpose Other
Loan Grade B5
Interest Rate 12.53%
Loan Length 3 years (36 payments)
Monthly Payment $711.16 / month
Funding Received $0 (0.00% funded)
Investors 237 people funded this loan
Note issued on n/a
Note Status Removed
Loan Submitted on 12/14/09 9:54 AM

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Loan Description

590728 added on 12/14/09 > Hi Borrowers. I'm one of the investors. I wanna get this loan and re-invest in Borrowers notes and take advantage of this oportunity. Of course the numbers are very very short but they can work fine and improve my credit history for better future loans. Right now I have over $ 3600.00 invested in notes. Around 80 % of them I had invested to guys in B1-B5 interest rate. I pay only 300 for rent. Soo if you can help fund this loan. I will be investing in future notes at an B1 to B4 notes which are more conservative than B5 and consecuents. Hope we can fund this Loan and Have great Holidays!!!

Questions & Answers

Q: Hi Pablo, why haven't you provided all the information we usually have to ask borrowers for?
A: (12/18/2009-17:23) - I can't provide tax information now.

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