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Amount Requested
Loan Purpose Other
Loan Grade A5
Interest Rate 7.88%
Loan Length 3 years (36 payments)
Monthly Payment $101.67 / month
Funding Received $3,250 (100.00% funded)
Investors 74 people funded this loan
Note issued on 4/26/10 1:09 AM
Note Status Fully Paid
Loan Submitted on 4/21/10 11:36 AM

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Loan Description

Borrower added on 04/21/10 > This loan is for the initial inventory purchase that Mary Key recommends that my wife make, so that she can better serve her clients.
Borrower added on 04/22/10 > Better Description: My wife is graduating this may with her master's degree. We are graduate assistants, and at the end of May her contract ends. She is going to be selling Mary Kay products full time, which is a highly successful career. Mary Kay has a plan and recommendations setup so that new Beauty Consultants can get a good start with an extremely high rate of success. One of their recommendations is for an initial inventory order. The purpose of this order is so that when my wife makes sales she can deliver the product immediately and not have to make the customer wait a week or more while she orders it. This provides great customer service, and creates customer loyalty and more order because people know they will get their products when they order. So the purpose of this loan is to make the initial inventory purchase. Thank You.

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