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Borrower Stories

Chanda took advantage
of her strong credit

"Paying off my credit cards
was a great feeling and now
I’m on my way to being debt free!"
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James Wanted
to pay off his debts

"It was really quick to sign up
with Lending Club and get approved
for a loan, and get the money
I needed when I needed it."
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Dan needed help
starting a family

"So going through fertility treatment
was a stressful thing for my wife and I.
It was a long process."
How Lending Club helped

Alex wanted to start his new life debt-free.

"Getting engaged forced me to make some important financial decisions, so I consolidated several sources of debt with a single loan from Lending Club. Lending Club offered the best rate and I was even able to repay early without penalty. My wife and I are very thankful to Lending Club and its members for providing a great loan and we are happily credit card debt free!"

Rebecca simplified her finances.

"I'd accumulated some debt across a few credit cards, and wanted to simplify my finances by paying them down with one payment a month instead of several smaller checks. I looked into credit card transfers and bank loans, but then found Lending Club. The testimonials convinced me—people had really positive experiences, and I liked that people were helping each other out. The application process was simple, and it was neat to watch the process as people invested in my loan. My loan was funded in less than two weeks."

Adrian reduced his debt.

"Lending Club has made it possible for me to achieve my financial goal of consolidating all my credit card debt into a single, low monthly payment. A bank had offered me a personal loan but their interest rate was so high, it made the choice to go with Lending Club a no brainer. Not only was my interest rate much lower, the process was so easy– all online with no need to physically go to the bank to fill out even more paperwork. My loan was fully funded within two days, which was amazing."

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Financial Innovation

If Lending Club’s expansion succeeds, it’s more likely that it will be the company that hooks you up when it’s time to buy that new car, send the kid to college, or pay off that high-interest credit card. And those with money to save will be more likely to lend it out for vastly better interest than the near-zero rates that bank savings accounts offer today.

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"Not only was my interest rate much lower, the process was so easy– all online with no need to physically go to the bank to fill out even more paperwork."