Authorization for Automatic Payments

Making Loan Payments/ Authorization for Automatic Payments

If your loan is funded, you hereby authorize LendingClub Corporation ("Lending Club"), as the loan servicer on your loan from WebBank, and its successors and assigns, to initiate electronic funds transfers from your designated account provided to Lending Club on the date of this agreement for monthly repayments on your loan. EACH MONTH, THE DEBIT AMOUNT MAY BE A RANGE OF PAYMENTS, WHICH WOULD INCLUDE YOUR MONTHLY PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST, AND FEES, IF ANY. ANY FEES AUTHORIZED TO BE CHARGED ON YOUR LOAN MAY BE COLLECTED USING ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERS INITIATED BY US FROM YOUR DESIGNATED ACCOUNT.

With regard to payments made by automatic withdrawal, you have the right to receive notice of all transfers that will vary in amount from one month to the next. Lending Club will provide electronic notice of the upcoming transfer amount ten (10) calendar days ahead of the scheduled transfer. You may stop payment of automatic withdrawals or revoke your prior authorization for automatic withdrawals by notifying us at least three (3) banking days before the scheduled date of transfer. All payments are to be applied first to the payment of all fees, expenses and other amounts due (excluding principal and interest), then to accrued interest, and the balance on the account of outstanding principal; provided, however, that after an Event of Default, payments will be applied to your obligations as we determine in our sole discretion. You understand this authorization will remain in effect until your loan is paid in full or you notify us or your financial institution of its termination, taking into consideration the necessary time required by Lending Club and your financial institution to implement the change.

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