LendingClub's API

LendingClub offers REST API services that allow investors to access the LendingClub platform programmatically. The API was created to help investors who want to customize and independently automate their investments in LendingClub loans.

Who uses LendingClub's API?

Our API may be used by individuals, institutions, and third parties to access the LendingClub platform.

Using our API may be attractive to investors who:

  • Prefer to access the LendingClub platform programmatically, rather than logging in manually to the website
  • Prefer that investments be executed automatically based on their investment criteria
  • Have sophisticated programming skills that allow them to execute their individual investment strategy by building customized software

API users and users who access the LendingClub website by manually logging in to their account both have identical access to loan inventory and data; there is no preferential treatment or special access granted to investors who access the LendingClub platform using the API.

What services and support are available?

LendingClub offers several services via the API that allow users to:

  • Browse the loans currently listed on the platform
  • Submit orders based on filters and criteria that they build and customize
  • Review their account summary and detailed holding information

API users have access to the API Documentation. However, there is no dedicated support for API users.

API users are fully responsible for actions performed using their API credentials and any investments made as a result of those actions.

Ready to get started?

  1. If you're already a registered LendingClub investor:

    Click here to request access to LendingClub's API *

* Additional terms and conditions apply. To be eligible to use the LendingClub API, you must review and agree to the API Terms and Conditions.

LendingClub loans are issued pursuant to a prospectus on file with the SEC. You should review the risks and uncertainties described in the prospectus related to your possible investment in the loans.

Overview of API services available

LendingClub exposes several REST service APIs that allow investors to access the LendingClub platform.

These services include:

  1. Account resource

    1. Summary
    2. Available cash
    3. Transfer Funds
    4. Pending Transfers
    5. Cancel Transfers
    6. Notes owned
    7. Detailed notes owned
    8. Portfolio owned
    9. Create portfolio
    10. Submit order
  2. Loan resource

    1. Listed loans