Borrower Credit Profile Authorization

SUMMARY: This agreement acknowledges your permission to obtain your credit report and other information from credit bureaus and other third party information services. As described below, this information may be used to process your loan application, verify information that you provided, and provide non-personally identifiable information about you to potential investors in your loan. You should read this agreement in its entirety.

Borrower Credit Profile Authorization

Credit Profile Authorization

By clicking the check box following the link to this notice and continuing with the application process, you understand and agree that you are authorizing WebBank, Member FDIC, and LendingClub Corporation ("LendingClub") to each obtain consumer reports and related information about you, now and periodically for as long as you remain a customer of WebBank or LendingClub, from one or more consumer reporting agencies.

Pursuant to this authorization, you consent to WebBank and/or LendingClub using your consumer reports for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to: (1) authenticating your identity; (2) making credit decisions; (3) marketing products and services from WebBank and/or LendingClub or a third party; (4) assisting with internal modeling and analysis; (5) servicing your loan; and (6) facilitating the sale of your loan or interests associated with your loan (or portions thereof) to third party investors, and for related purposes. In connection with these purposes, you authorize WebBank and/or LendingClub to share all or parts of your consumer reports with agents, partners, counterparties, or affiliates.

You direct WebBank and LendingClub to provide on your behalf certain elements of your application, as well as consumer report information, but not including your name, to third party investors on the LendingClub platform ("Investor Members") to use this information in making decisions whether to commit funds to purchase your loan and/or securities or other interests associated with your loan (or portions thereof). Such Investor Member decisions, in turn, may assist WebBank in making decisions related to your loan. You also authorize LendingClub to provide such information to Investor Members in connection with the sale or resale of your loan and securities or other interests associated with your loan (or portions thereof).

You also authorize WebBank and/or LendingClub to verify information in your application, and you agree that WebBank and/or LendingClub may contact third parties to verify any such information.

You authorize and agree that WebBank or LendingClub may transfer or otherwise provide your credit report or any information contained therein to any successor-in-interest of WebBank or LendingClub or any purchaser or servicer of your issued loan, including certain Investor Members, whether in whole or in part.

Checking your rate generates a soft credit inquiry, which is visible only to you. A hard credit inquiry, that may affect your credit score, only appears when your loan is issued.

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