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39,806 reviews
Great rate and easy to apply
A second chance toward cleaning up my credit cards and be smarter this time. And I see hope and feel so relieved!
12 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
great service
great service in fast in very easy loan approved very quick this is my 2 loan with lending club u cant beat the service
12 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Awesome experience
The process was painless. When I had a question I used the online chat. Christina was polite, positive, knew all my information without asking me the typical 100 questions. The lending club offered me a great rate. I am already reaping the rewards dropping my monthly bills and having extra money to start saving. I would recommend the lending club to everyone.
12 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Great Rates
Lending Club is the best and it's so easy to go on-line to get an approval. Highly recommend their services.
13 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Great rate, easy to apply and quick process
The process was fast and simple. Thanks to Lending Club I was able to consolidate my debt and be free of the headaches!
13 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance

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