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—John, a member from New Jersey
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LendingClub Reviews

66,112 reviews
Easy really easy are the best loan
Only 3 day and you have the money on you back ,,,I m so happy thanks
3 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Easy to apply and rates you can work with!
The application process to me was plain and simple, Lending Club was the right choice for me
5 hours ago  |  Inventory purchase
Debt consolidation loan
I recommend using lending club 100%. I was skeptical about it but when I applied. I har an answer about 10 minutes that I was approved and the paper work process was very simple and I speak Spanish by the way, so this tell you how easy it was.
6 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Simple Process
The application process at Lending Club was so easy! I wanted to consolidate my credit card balances into one loan. I applied at at local bank for the same loan, and they wanted so much information. It was ridiculous! Two days later they called to deny my application because my total debt balance was "too high." (Umm yeah, hence the reason why I applied for the loan in the first place!) Lending Club got me taken care of quickly and painlessly. Within the same week my loan was approved and creditors paid, my credit score shot up to where I like to have it. Now I'll be able to take care of my balance in one place without the stress of seeing my credit score falling.
8 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance
Excellent service
It was fast to applied and get it approved. Money in the bank in two days.
8 hours ago  |  Debt consolidation / refinance

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