How investors can benefit

Investing in the consumer credit asset class through LendingClub provides a portfolio diversification opportunity and the potential to earn competitive returns.


Historical returns*

LendingClub offers investors access to the consumer credit asset class which, until recently, has historically been available only to banks and large institutions.

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of portfolios with 100+ Notes see positive returns*

Investors may avoid the ups and downs associated with the stock market because LendingClub Notes have low correlation to the stock market.*

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Monthly payments of principal and interest

Investors receive principal and interest monthly as borrowers make payments on their loans.

202,428 +
3 Million +
50 Billion +

Here’s how the math works*

This hypothetical illustration shows how the LendingClub platform works for investors. As borrowers make payments on their loans, investors are paid monthly on their corresponding Notes, minus the impact of borrower defaults and LendingClub fees. Keep in mind that an investor's returns can vary based on many factors.

Hypothetical Example*:

Average interest rate for a Notes portfolio*
Principal and interest losses*
LendingClub fees*
Net return*
= 5%

Various factors can impact individual portfolio results. Investors should review the prospectus and consult with an investment advisor prior to investing.*

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Investor mobile app

With our mobile app, investors can invest in Notes, see current returns, update investment strategies, transfer money, and more.

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