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Find out what we offer to banks, institutions, and financial advisors.

Unique investment access to marketplace lending

Increasingly, banks, financial advisors, and institutions are looking to invest in marketplace lending as a low risk* portfolio diversifier that can deliver solid returns. In partnering with LendingClub, investors can access consumer credit through whole loans, fractional interests in loans, or securitizations.

With $31 billion invested across 1.5 million borrowers’ loans, we’re proud to be America’s largest online credit marketplace. We’ve been transforming the banking system since 2007 by connecting borrowers and investors through our online platform, and continue to innovate new avenues through which a growing institutional investor client base can participate in marketplace lending.

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How you can partner with us


Learn about our products for asset managers, hedge funds, pensions, foundations, endowments, broker-dealers, insurance companies and more.

Bank Partnerships

Purchase high-quality loans or partner with us to offer loans to your customers.

Financial Advisors

Differentiate your business by offering clients a fixed-income product that can diversify their portfolios.

Securitization Program

Learn about LendingClub sponsored securitizations, backed by loans facilitated through our platform.

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