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Purchasing at Scale with LendingClub

Banks and institutions are increasingly looking to invest in marketplace loans seeking higher yields, diversification, and low correlation * . Purchasing personal loans through LendingClub’s marketplace platform provide investors access to consumer credit through whole loans at scale and individually both pre- and post-issuance.

LendingClub is America’s largest online credit marketplace, and the first marketplace bank connecting borrowers and investors. LendingClub facilitates billions in loans each year, offering institutional investors a long track record, the longest data set in the industry, sophisticated risk management, and easy-to-use tools to build and modify loan portfolios.

What Makes LendingClub Different

Longest Track Record Icon

Longest Track Record

Founded in 2006 to transform the banking industry by bringing a traditional credit product, the installment loan, into the digital age.

Data Superiority Icon

Data Superiority

Our interactions with members have allowed us to capture billions of cells of performance and behavioral data across thousands of attributes.

Strong Customer Loyalty and Engagement Icon

Strong Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Our efficient and scalable marketplace model enables us to generate savings for a broad range of borrowers creating a strong affinity for our brand.

Investing in Consumer Credit

Credit CriteriaPrime Personal LoansNear Prime Personal LoansAuto Near PrimeAuto Non-Prime
FICO Score660 Minimum600 Minimum640 Minimum510 Minimum
Loan Term36 or 60 Months36 or 60 Months24 to 72 Months24 to 84 Months
Max Loan Amount$40,000$25,000$55,000$55,000
Use of ProceedsDebt ConsolidationDebt ConsolidationRefinancingRefinancing

Investing in Consumer Credit

Near Prime Personal Loans600 Minimum
Auto Near Prime640 Minimum
Auto Non-Prime510 Minimum
Near Prime Personal Loans36 or 60 Months
Auto Near Prime24 to 72 Months
Auto Non-Prime24 to 84 Months
Near Prime Personal Loans$25,000
Auto Near Prime$55,000
Auto Non-Prime$55,000
Near Prime Personal LoansDebt Consolidation
Auto Near PrimeRefinancing
Auto Non-PrimeRefinancing

How to Purchase

Electronic Marketplace

Electronic Marketplace

Execute your investment strategy by filtering and purchasing loans through specific credit attributes. Individually purchase loans pre- or post-issuance at prices that can be at, above, or below par.

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Bank Investors

Bank Investors

Purchase high-quality loans that fit your investment and risk preferences. We have multiple options and work with large multinational banks to smaller community banks.

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Capital Markets Solutions

Capital Markets Solutions

Structured solutions such as sponsored ABS deals and non-structured solutions such as passthrough securities. *

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Frequently Asked Questions

LendingClub offers the unique combination of being a well-capitalized, publicly traded U.S. corporation (LendingClub Corporation), and a national bank (LendingClub Bank), along with a digital consumer lending arm that has originated over $63 billion in loans since inception. Today we partner with dozens of asset managers, hedge funds and other investment vehicles as well as over 60 U.S. banks who have previously purchased personal loans.
Our business model allows bank partners to save all loan marketing and origination costs, increasing projected return even further. Our multiple platforms allow our investors to purchase loans on a passive or active basis, in bulk or as individual loans, and as whole loans or in the near future in security form. This provides flexibility to accommodate and meet our partner’s needs. In addition, as a U.S. national bank, our bank partners can comfortably rely on the fact that we are also directly regulated by the OCC and Federal Reserve Board; creating an additional level of comfort with how our loans are originated and serviced. Lastly, we are able to serve banks of all sizes, from those wishing to purchase a small amount of loans to several hundreds of millions every month.
The LendingClub Investor Group is comprised of highly experienced loan traders, consumer finance, and bank strategy representatives. This expertise is further enabled by LendingClub’s deep analytical strength and rich data history. We can work with your team to create loan investment strategies to help address declining consumer loan portfolios, worsening loan-to-deposit ratios, improve portfolio mix and yield and generate higher overall returns.
In addition to offering personal loans across the full credit spectrum, LendingClub offers auto refinancing loans and purchase finance loans (including medical, dental, and educational financing).