The Next Phase of Marketplace Lending

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Purchase Loans with Price Transparency

Electronic Marketplace for Unsecured Personal Loans

Execute your investment strategy by filtering and purchasing loans through specific credit attributes. Individually purchase loans pre- or post-issuance at prices that can be at, above, or below par.

$1.5B+ Market

The LCXTM marketplace launched in 2019, with over $1.5B transacted to date in both primary and secondary markets.

Ways to Participate



Investor leverages LendingClub’s vendor partners to build API

lcx link

LCX Link

Investor gives credit filters to LendingClub, and LendingClub executes on behalf of the investor

LCX Offers

Electronic Access

API-driven purchasing enables automation and minimizes operational load

Dynamic Pricing

Flexible pricing at, above, or below par influenced by market demand

Data Transparency

Immediate access to consumer loans with 100+ data fields per loan

Improved Liquidity

Optimizes access to personal loans and allows efficient deployment of capital

Same-Day Settlement

Typically reduces settlement process from several weeks to a single day

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a sandbox to help test and get your API tuned to the LCX platform.
An API is a programming interface used to interact with our data and to place orders.
No, you can use the LCX Link feature to participate. You can either provide the basic credit filters and we will execute your purchase instructions on your behalf, or you can work with a third-party partner of ours who will help build an API for you.
There’s no commitment or monthly minimum purchase. It’s flexible based on your investment strategy.
Please send an email to and our sales team will reach out to start the process.