Access consumer credit

Unlock a new asset. Invest in people.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversify your overall investment portfolio with consumer credit exposure, and spread risk within your LendingClub account across multiple borrower loans.

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4-7% Historical Returns*

LendingClub's Note platform has delivered 4-7% historical returns, low correlation to the stock market, and new consumer access to a fixed-income alternative.

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Get Monthly Payments

Borrowers make monthly payments of both principal and interest. Unlike most fixed income securities, you aren't waiting until maturity to see some of your principal come back.

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How it Works

Notes are securities that correspond to fractions of loans, sold with 3 or 5 year terms and risk grades A-D. Rather than funding the whole loan, you buy Notes corresponding to multiple loans in increments as low as $25. Borrowers then make monthly payments of both principal and interest.

One borrower loan

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Loans are broken up into Notes and put on the investment platform.

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Split into many notes

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Diversify with Notes that correspond to multiple borrowers, grades, and terms.

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Your notes porfolio

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