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Won't impact your credit score.
Save Money
Many balance transfer members receive lower rates, and can save nearly $1,000 over the course of their loan.*
Save Time
Hassle-free direct payment to third-party creditors – you choose how much each receives.
Improve Your Credit
Many members see their credit scores go up after taking out a balance transfer loan.*

What the LendingClub community is saying

A Brighter Tomorrow
My wife and I got in a little over our heads on one credit card to the tune of $16K. LendingClub has helped us tremendously. We are getting out of the burdensome percentage rate on our credit card and giving our family a brighter, less stressful tomorrow.
Consolidate Debt, Save Money
LendingClub is a great way to pay off high interest credit cards and consolidate all your debt into one payment. You actually save money every month and pay the balance off way faster!
Saving $300 a Month
You have given me the ability to sleep at night. I applied for a loan that allowed me to pay off my high interest credit card debt. I now have only one payment and it’s saving me $300 a month.*
60 Billion +
3 Million +

What is a balance transfer loan?

A balance transfer loan from LendingClub Bank makes debt consolidation easier by offering direct payment to third-party lenders, including over 1,700 creditors. Not only do we take care of payments for you, you can choose exactly how much of your new loan amount you want us to pay toward each creditor. Any remaining loan funds are deposited into your bank account.

How it works

Apply anytime, from anywhere. Your money will go straight to your creditors.


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Tell us how much you’d like to borrow and a bit about yourself.


Select your balance transfer loan
A balance transfer loan can increase your credit score.*


Payment straight to your creditors
Decide who you’d like to pay and how much. We accept over 1,700 creditors.


Money transferred directly to you
Any remaining funds from your loan will be deposited into your bank account.

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