Credit Card Consolidation

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Neville used a personal loan through LendingClub to pay off his credit cards.

Why pay off your credit cards with a loan?

Save money by reducing your interest rate.

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With an affordable fixed rate, your monthly payment never increases.

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Know when you'll be done with debt

With a 36- or 60-month loan term, you're on a clear path to becoming debt free.

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Immediately pay off your credit cards *

Swap out your high-interest credit card debt for a fixed-rate loan.

I am saving a ton by paying off all my credit cards and my monthly payment is lower. I was already making extra payments to the CC companies to pay down my debt but this is such a huge advantage!
— LendingClub Customer

What is a credit card consolidation loan?

A credit card consolidation loan enables you to pay down multiple credit cards and reduce credit card debt into a single loan with a fixed rate and term. It can also help you save money by reducing your interest rate, or making it easier to pay off your debt faster. A credit card consolidation loan may also lower your monthly payment. Depending on your credit profile, a credit card consolidation loan could help improve your credit by diversifying your credit mix, showing that you can make on-time monthly payments, and reducing your total debt (as long as you’re not adding any new debt).

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Borrow up to $40,000 and get your money in as little as 4 days.

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Low, fixed interest rates
  • Make payments automatically from your bank account
  • No prepayment penalties

What customers are saying

Getting rid of high credit card debt
…The cost of the loan was a lot lower than the credit cards and the loan will be paid off in a shorter period. It is great to see the debt more manageable.
Simple Process and Quick Response
I was very surprised at how easy the process was and how quickly they gave me an answer. I was able to consolidate all my payments into one and have less stress!
Fantastic! Thank you :)
Quick and easy! I'm on my way to being credit card debt free and could not be happier! Thank you, LendingClub.
Get your rate in minutes
Won't affect your credit score
Borrow up to 40,000

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