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Ryan and Melissa used a personal loan through LendingClub to consolidate their credit card debt.

Why consolidate debt?

Save time and money with one fixed rate monthly payment.

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Simplify with a single payment

Instead of dealing with multiple bills, pay them off all at once.

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Get a fixed rate

With an affordable fixed rate, your monthly payment never increases.

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Better than a credit card

Eliminate high credit card fees and improve your credit score with a fixed-rate loan.*

I was able to get a loan to pay off all my credit cards and have one payment per month. To get myself debt free in the next 3 years and get my life back on track. Don't think I will own another credit card again. Thank you.
— LendingClub customer

What is a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a form of debt refinancing that combines multiple balances from credit cards and other high-interest loans into a single loan with a fixed rate and term. It can also help you save money by reducing your interest rate, or making it easier to pay off your debt faster. A debt consolidation loan may also lower your monthly payment. Depending on your credit profile, a debt consolidation loan could help improve your credit by diversifying your credit mix, showing that you can make on-time monthly payments, and reducing your total debt (as long as you’re not adding any new debt).1

How it works

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Apply Online in Minutes

Apply Online in Minutes

Tell us about yourself and how much debt you want to consolidate.

Select a Loan Offer

Select a Loan Offer

Review your monthly payment and interest rate options. Then choose the consolidation loan option you like best.

Get Your Money

Get Your Money

Your loan is automatically deposited into your bank account.

What customers are saying

Debt Consolidation
Great option for those looking for consolidation and a lower interest rate than other loan options. Thanks LendingClub!
Seriously relieved my financial situation
My single monthly payment over 36 months is far easier to manage than all the other debts on their own, the interest rate is lower, and I can still pay it off in 3 years.
Banking of the future
We have a specific date now as to when we'll be debt free!!!! I can't say enough good things about LendingClub.
Get your rate in minutes
Won't affect your credit score
Borrow up to 40,000

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