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You can easily build a diversified portfolio that can offer these benefits

You can easily build a diversified portfolio that can offer these benefits

Solid Returns
Lending Club Notes have projected annual returns between 5% and 8%. Each Note represents a fraction of an underlying loan.1
Low Volatility
99.9% of investors who invest in 100+ Notes with different underlying borrowers have seen positive returns.2
Monthly Cash Flow
Investors receive between 3-6% of their total investment back in cash payments as borrowers make their monthly loan payments.3
How it works for investors

Potential borrowers submit loan applications through Lending Club and Lending Club begins the screening process.

If approved, each loan is assigned a Grade between A and G based on borrower credit quality and underlying risk.

As an investor, you can then select and invest in Notes which correspond to fractions of these loans. By investing in at least 100 different Notes with different underlying borrowers, you may able to diversify your portfolio.4

As borrowers repay their loans, funds are deposited into your account and can be withdrawn or reinvested.

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Lending Club offers both Investment and Retirement Accounts
What makes Lending Club unique:
Lending Club Notes are a distinct form of investment as compared to stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds. They can provide additional diversification for your overall portfolio4
Choose an investment style that suits you. With Automated Investing, our system scans the available inventory up to four times a day to attempt to find Notes that match your criteria5. Or you can manually browse and purchase Notes.
Lending Club values transparency and integrity. Investors, including many of the world's most sophisticated, have invested a total of $18 Billion through Lending Club, making it the largest online credit marketplace.