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How do I set up an external account?

To make an external transfer, first add an external account:
– Log into Online Banking
– Click on Settings (option under your name)
– Click on Link an external account in the Account section

From the Mobile App: 
– Click on Transfer and select Scheduled Transfers and then Manage External Accounts
– Enter the account number and routing number and account type of the account that you would like to link 
– Click on the box to accept the terms and the Submit button at the bottom of the page

Two (2) micro deposits will then be made into the external account that you have entered here, typically within 3-5 business days.

How do I verify my micro deposits for an external account setup?

After 3-5 business days after creating an external account, you can verify your micro deposits.

To verify the micro deposits:
– Check your external account and note the two (2) micro deposit amounts 
– Log in to Online Banking
– Click on Settings (option under your name) and click on the Verify button
– Enter the two (2) micro deposit amounts from your external account. This will verify your ownership of the external account and it will become available for use in making external transfers.

How do I initiate an external transfer?

Once you have set up an external account, you are ready to initiate a transfer.

From Online Banking, click on Transfer and select Transfer.

From the Mobile App, click on Transfer and select Scheduled Transfers or Quick Transfer.

Note: Once you complete an external transfer, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the transfer. (Pending transfers do not reflect in your transaction history when scheduled immediately.)

How do I re-order checks?

From Online Banking, select your checking account from the Dashboard you’d like to order checks. Then, click on the option Order checks.

From the Mobile App, click on the three dots above the More section to find the option Order checks.

Note: Please reach out to customer service via secure message if this is your first order of checks.

How do I find my statements?

From Online Banking, select Documents. Then, click View to download and print your statements. 

Note: we do not currently display statements in the Mobile App, but that feature will be coming soon!

How do I do a stop payment?

From Online Banking, select your checking account from the Dashboard you’d like to do a stop payment. Then, click on the option Stop Payment on a Check.

From the Mobile App, click on the three dots above the More section to find Stop Payment on a Check.

Note: We can’t stop payment on a check that’s in process or that has already been deposited or cashed. The cost to place a stop payment is $25.00.

How do I do a mobile deposit?

You can deposit checks with the Mobile app!  Here’s how:
– Confirm that the payee is listed as an account holder or joint account holder  
– Sign the back of the check and add “For Mobile Deposit at LendingClub only” below the signature 
– We recommend a dark background on a light check that clearly displays the 4 corners of the check

Helpful Hints:
– Click on DEPOSIT HISTORY for a status of the deposit and check images.

How do I create a nickname as the description for my account?

Creating a nickname is helpful when you have more than one account. To create a nickname from Online Banking, select the account from the Dashboard you’d like to update. Hover over the account name and click on the edit icon.

From the Mobile app, select the account from the Money section. Then, click on the three dots above the More section and select Account Preferences to update.

How do I open up another account from Online Banking?

– Login to Online Banking
– Click on Tools from the top header and you’ll see an option to Open New Account
– Click on Link an external account in the Account section  

From the Mobile App, click on More and you’ll see an option to Open New Account.

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