Select Auction Listings Summary

This sub-resource allows the user to see a summary of the current listing on the market. The API currently returns a summary of the data for loans listed on the Primary Marketplace of the platform, or a specific room if that query parameter is included in the payload.

Operation: GET


Path Parameters: None

Query Parameters:
roomNameStringNoIncluding the name of the room will limit the response from the listing summary endpoint to loans available in that specific room. If the parameter is excluded, the endpoint will return the summary data for the public marketplace

Supported formats: json

For the Listings GET call, users must include the Accept: application/json header and exclude the Content-Type header.

Response Parameters:
Parameter NameTypeDescription
asOfDateTimestampEffective timestamp of the listings summary response, in UTC
roomNameStringName of the room for which the summary applies to
itemCountNumberTotal number of items (Loans) in current listing
totalOutstandingPrincipalNumberTotal Outstanding Principal in current listing, in dollars
marketStartTimeTimestampCurrent open market window start timestamp in UTC
marketEndTimeTimestampCurrent open market window end timestamp in UTC
upcomingMarketStartTimeTimestampNext open market window start timestamp in UTC
upcomingMarketEndTimeTimestampNext open market window end timestamp in UTC

Sample Request:

Sample Response:


  • "asOfDate": "2020-05-23T00:04:52.296Z",
  • "roomName": "PRIMARY_MARKET",
  • "itemCount": 11,
  • "basketListingCount": 3,
  • "totalOutstandingPrincipal": 200192.35,
  • "marketStartTime": "2020-05-22T07:30:00.000Z",
  • "marketEndTime": "2020-05-23T06:30:00.000Z",
  • "upcomingMarketStartTime": "2020-05-26T07:30:00.000Z",
  • "upcomingMarketEndTime": "2020-05-27T06:30:00.000Z"