LendingClub web service APIs are completely stateless which means that the authentication credentials need to be sent with every request when invoking any operation. The method for authentication is detailed below.

The Authorization header like the following needs to be provided —

               Authorization: Vkqakl1lAygRyXRwlKCOyHWG4DE
               Where Vkqakl1lAygRyXRwlKCOyHWG4DE is an authentication token generated via the LendingClub web application.

In order to obtain the authentication token, follow the steps below —

  1. Login to
  2. Click the "Settings" link on the top right
  3. If you already have a key generated, it will be visible in the API Settings section. Clicking on "Refresh" will generate a new key.

Note: As soon as a new key is generated, any new requests using the old key will be rejected.