Cancel Fund Transfers

This subresource enables user to cancel the funds transfer initiated.

Operation: POST

URL:<version>/accounts/<investor id>/funds/cancel

URL Parameters: Investor Id — This can be obtained from the Account Summary section on LendingClub website when a user is logged in.

Query Parameters: None.

Supported Formats: JSON, XML

Request/ Response data:

investorId integer No The id of the investor account
transferId integer No Transfer transaction Id
status String No Status of the Scheduled Transfer.
Valid values: ERROR, CANCELLED
message String No Message will be returned if the canceling the fund transfer fails

Request Payload:


Response: JSON —

            	"investorId": 123456
            	"cancellationResults": [
                		"transferId": 1004429329
                		"status": "ERROR"
                		"message": "The transfer is already under processing."
                		"transferId": 34074842
                		"status": "CANCELLED"
                		"message": null

Response: XML —

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
                	<Message>The transfer is already under processing.</Message>