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Earn More Interest: 60-Month Loans

Why 60-Month Loans?

Earn 3.82% more interest on average1

By investing in 60-month loans, you can earn more interest while diversifying your investment portfolio beyond 36-month loans. To enjoy the longer repayment term of 60 months, borrowers with the same credit profile and loan amount are modified by 4 to 8 grades. They pay a higher interest rate, so most people can earn from 2.62% to 5.03%2 more interest.
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Lower impact of service fee

With 60-month Notes, you will experience even better net annualized returns after a lower impact of our service charge: 0.45% on a 60-month Note vs. 0.71% on a 36-month Note on average.

Notes can be sold on the Trading Platform

Investors qualified to trade on the Folio Investing trading platform can turn their Notes into cash: it takes approximately three days to sell most Notes at or below par on the secondary market. Qualified Lending Club investors can sell both 36-month and 60-month Notes on our Trading Platform, operated by Folio Investing.
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1. Remember that by investing in a 60-month loan you are committing to a loan of a longer duration. In that period of time, you may have liquidity needs that could be difficult to meet. In addition, during a 60-month period there may be a greater chance of the loan becoming late or charging off. This additional risk is priced into the higher interest rate paid on the loans.

2. The average increase in 60-month interest is 3.82%, with a minimum difference of 0.42% and a maximum difference of 6.51%. However, the minimum and maximum only occur in less than 2% of cases. A range comprised of the bottom 25th percentile and the top 75th percentile, a range of 2.62% to 5.03%, is more representative of the typical experience.

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