9.6% Net Annualized Return

A More Efficient Model
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Lending Club Notes have average net annualized returns of 9.6%. Notes are offered by prospectus filed with the SEC.

  • $0 to open
  • No maintenance fees
  • $25 minimum investment

Why should banks make all the money?

Lending Club cuts out the middleman allowing investors to easily build a portfolio of Notes that represent loans to creditworthy borrowers.

With an average FICO of 713, our borrowers are rewarded with competitive rates, while our investors are rewarded with the opportunity for higher returns.

Live Investor Forum

Thursday Sep 3rd at 3:30 pm EST (12:30 pm PST)

In just 30 minutes, Lending Club�s Live Investor Forum will help you become a smarter investor

  • Get insights on risk management and diversification
  • See examples of investment strategies
  • Understand the different approaches to peer investing

You'll have the chance to ask questions online and learn more about upcoming offers and developments

Financial Innovation

Lending Club doesn’t have physical branches, or several other layers of costs that weigh down traditional banks. But Lending Club also seems to exploit a market inefficiency that is really quite shocking, given the supposed sophistication of the big Wall Street firms.

The Atlantic

Featured Borrower


"Getting engaged forced me to make some important financial decisions, so I consolidated several sources of debt with a single loan from Lending Club."